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PET packaging products for every industry, including food and beverage, cosmetics, chemical and pharmaceutical usage.

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Professionally engineered preforms for better products

Getting most out of your PET packaging was never as convenience as it is now, you will reduce cost while having best looking final products with our flawlessly engineered preforms.

Smart solutions.

Stylish designs.

We are here to offer you best PET packaging solution in terms of export, productivity and profitability. While we design, we try to make it perfect on every possible way.

PET Preform

PET Preform

Preforms are semi-products before final shape of bottle or jar. Preform quality directly effects final Jar shape and quality. This is why we intend to desing flawless preforms. 
Closures & Lids

Closures & Lids

 Along with completing look of the packaging, caps and lids are essential for securing what inside of Jar. For that matter, we have wide range of Cap&Closure options.

Jars & Bottles

Jars & Bottles

PET bottles and PET jars suitable for every sector use; Apart from standard designs, we also manufacture in accordance with customer's special designs. 

Export Services,
Currently exporting 7 continents with out any hassle

We export PET products all around globe to our customers with out any hassle.

Flexible export terms, high quality product and service quality helps us to reach our customers with ease.

Custom tailored products for customers who need it is also a service we provide for our valued customers.

Please get in touch with us for details and get a quote.



IN-HOUSE is a bussines type that offers customer to produce packaging goods on their premises. Ease of producing packaging goods on premises cuts expenses for transportation and customer save time in terms of waiting. On premises production also helps you on prudction planning. This service recommended for customers with high consuption rate.

To get more information about in-house production, please get in touch with us.

Terms of IN-HOUSE production are flexible, in order to start receiving this service we usually offer a contract. Contract terms or/and IN-HOUSE terms are defined by negotiotations with customers.

To get detailed information about on premises production please get in touch with us.

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