Transparent PET Jar With UV Barrier Extends Shelf Life

Birpet Packaging / November 04, 2017
UV Bariyerli Transparent PET Jar Raf Ömrünü Uzatıyor

First in Turkey; Products Transparent PET with UV barrier that protects the shelf life from sunlight.

It is known brands abroad by UV filtering used PET bottle production and JR featuring the happiness of the offering for general use PET producer in Turkey for the first time. We achieved success as a result of our R & D activities that lasted for approximately 6 months.

The UV barrier, which significantly filters the sun's rays, does not spoil the Transparent appearance of PET. So even if you use a Transparent plastic bottle, the product in Jarun is seriously protected from sunlight. This increases the shelf life of food products that need to be consumed quickly without using additives. Products such as yogurt, milk, cheese and even honey jam can greatly increase the shelf life of the product by preventing sun contact. But the Transparent UV barrier food product we apply to our PETs does not mean that you can leave the product outdoors in direct sunlight. Our UV barrier prevents the sun from reaching the product inside the Jar by filtering the UV (Ultra Violet) rays. Transparent Glass Bottles and Jars provide 80% less solar transmittance than ordinary Transparent Pet Jars.

Our UV-protected Transparent Plastic jars reflect and distribute the sun's rays and prevent them from reaching the product inside the Jar. The UV barrier can be applied to all our products upon your request.


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