Green Passport for Service Exporters

Birpet Packaging / November 04, 2017
Hizmet İhracatçılarına Yeşil Pasaport

Green passport will be given to the representatives of the service exporting company whose annual average export is over $ 1 million as of the last 3 calendar years....

The Circular on the Application Procedures and Principles for the Export of Services within the scope of the Decision of the Council of Ministers dated 22.03.2017 and numbered 2017/9962 on Esas Principles Regarding the Issue of Stamped Passports for Exporters gir entered into force with the approval of the Ministry Authority dated 03.04.2017;

As of the last 3 calendar years (2014, 2015 and 2016), the average annual export is provided, provided that the service is exported in each calendar year;

  • 1 million US dollars - 10 million US dollars (including 10 million dollars) to companies 1
  • 10 million dollars to over 25 million dollars between companies 2
  • 25 million dollars to over 50 million dollars between companies 3
  • 50 million dollars to over 100 million dollars between companies 4
  • For companies that export more than 100 million dollars 5
Special stamped passport can be given to the official.

The firms exporting in the service sector apply to the General Secretariat with the affidavit of the certified public accountant and the annexes thereof. This application is forwarded to the Ministry of Economy by the General Secretariat. As a result of this process, the Ministry of Economy determines whether the firms will receive a green passport.

The owners, partners and employees of the exporting companies may benefit from the right of private stamped passport, and if the owner or partners of the company are a legal person, private stamped passports may be issued to the owners, partners or employees of this legal entity.

Crimes against the security of the state, constitutional order and the operation of this order, even if they have been subjected to one year or more imprisonment or amnesty for a crime committed intentionally, even if the periods specified in the relevant article of the Turkish Penal Code have passed. , bribery, theft, fraud, forgery, misuse of trust, fraudulent bankruptcy, mischief in tender, mischief in the performance of the act, laundering of the assets of the assets resulting from the crime or smuggling crimes provided that a private stamped passport for 2 years.


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