Research & Development Strategy

Research and development (R&D) refers to the investigative activities a business conducts to improve existing products and procedures or to lead to the development of new products and procedures. Consumer goods companies across all sectors and industries utilize R&D to improve on product lines, and corporations experience growth through these improvements and through the development of new goods and services. In general, pharmaceuticals, semiconductor and software/technology companies tend to spend the most on R&D.

We have devised an R&D strategy that aims to align and engage our talent, prioritize our investments, and seize scientific opportunities. Technological innovation never stops, and the technologies in every field are becoming more sophisticated and specialized, leading to even fiercer technological competition. Developing superior technologies and products is meaningless if they are not provided when needed by customers. Technological competition is also a competition to provide what the customer wants as soon as possible.


Enhancing the profitability of existing businesses, especially core businesses;

  • Business development which leverages the Group's strengths.
  • Finding most profitable new technologies for current produtcs.
  • Improving current products in terms of quality.


Developing and creating new businesses;

  • Development with a focus on timing and costs.
  • Fusing required functions and technologies.
  • Formulation of strategically-based commercialization plans.
  • Effective utilization of outside organizations


Improving total enterprise quality in support of sustainable growth;

  • Securing and developing personnel, fostering a workplace culture of taking on new challenges.
  • Try to create improved working space for our employees.
  • Implementing nature friendly technologies.

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