Quality Policy

We always use first quality staple (raw material) as seen on our products. Also you can see that on our raw material certications and analysis.

In addition to that; all of our products has been quali ed and entitled as “eligible for food packaging” by Republic of turkey Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock. We never use recycled staple on our products.

Our products are been producing accordingly ISO 9001 and ISO 2000 quality standards.

All our products are being delivered with analysis reports. For each customer products are being to sent for chemical and physical analysis. All product that leaves production line are headed automatically for quality control check.

Quality control automation machines applies pressure stress tests and impermeability test for each product. This is an essential step for all our products. The product that fails on tests; automatically being disembarked from the line. Furthermore; we apply hourly extensive quality test on products that randomly chosen from a batch.

And this practice only being done by BIRPET in Turkey.

Suitable for contact with food products

Food safety

All our products have the authorization of "contact with food products is suitable".

Birpet certificate

Certified raw materials

we use raw materials with laboratory analysis and certification in all of our products.

Birpet Cap

Healthy Caps

In our cover products we use raw materials suitable for use with food such as HDPE, PP and LDPE.

Our quality policy
We are environmentally sensitive

We are environmentally sensitive

We conduct our operations based on the monitoring and continuous improvement of environmental performance.

ISO 9001 ve ISO 2000

ISO 9001 and ISO 2000

Our productions are produced in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 2000 quality standards.

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Learn More

Please contact with us to know more about quality management policy.

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