Plastic Packaging Products; Usage Areas And Advantages

Birpet Packaging / 20 Nisan 2017
Plastic Packaging Products; Usage Areas And Advantages

The commercial success of plastic as a packaging product is the result of a combination of flexibility (from film to hard applications), durability, lightness, stability, impermeability and easy sterilization. These properties make plastics the ideal packaging material for all commercial and industrial users.

For example, plastic food packages do not affect the flavor and quality of the food product. In fact, the inhibitory properties of plastic materials ensure that the food preserves its natural flavor and protects it from external contamination. Furthermore, the unique versatility of the substance is demonstrated in numerous applications such as fresh meat coating films, beverage bottles, edible oils and sauces, yogurt and margarine containers.

Here are just a few of the benefits of plastic packaging:

The lightest packaging material: More than 50% of European products are packaged in plastic, which accounts for only 17% of the weight of the package. Moreover, this weight has been reduced by 28% over the last 10 years. Light packaging means reduced freight rates or fewer trucks for the same quantity of products. Helps reduce energy, emissions and costs spent on transport. It also helps to reduce the amount of waste generated.

Food storage and preservation: Plastic packaging protects food easily for longer. Helps reduce waste production and preservative use while maintaining food flavor and nutritional value.

Practical and innovative: Today, people want clear, easy to open and easy to use packaging with label information and instructions for use. This is exactly the purpose of plastic packaging. For example, in the near future, thanks to conductive polymers, printable RFID (Radio frequency identification) chips will be integrated and valuable information on product quality and condition will be provided.

Safe and hygienic: Plastic packaging protects food and medicines from contamination and helps prevent germs from spreading during production, distribution and display. The child-proof doors provide extra protection and safety, while transparent packaging allows consumers to select food without having to touch it, thus avoiding injury and other damage.


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