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Birpet has been founded by 3rd generation members from a family company that has been in trading since 1930’s. The acquisition and professional experience which is originated from trade tradition that came along with generations are fundaments of Birpet. Just after foundation on 2011; Birpet became a nation wide known company on its own sector, alongside other brands of the establishment.



The first commercial adventure of family elders started by creating AKCASU food brand.



From retailing to food wholesalers, the company has a say in the region.


Sector Diversity

Under the brand name of TUNCAY, AKCASU started to produce cooking oil.


Sector Diversity

In addition to oil production, tomato paste production was started.



With the need arising from our production, we entered the pet sector. First of all, our pet production, which started to meet our own needs, grew with the investments made in a short time and turned into meeting the export demands.



Increasing new demands led to the establishment and progress of the R&D department, making the trade of innovative products such as hot filling pet, tin nozzle and pet Productsi our main sector.


R & D Investments

We started important R & D investments with the aim of being the R & D center of PET in the way of producing innovative products.

Present Day

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