23. Uluslararası Avrasya Ambalaj Endüstrisi Fuarı

Record level participation on 23rd International Eurasia Packaging Industry Fair that has been exhibited on Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Centers in Istanbul.

We have participated as an exhibitor at International Eurasia Packaging Industry Fair which is one of the biggest packaging solutions fair in the region and it has been organized for 23rd this year. There was record level participation of 60 thousands of visitors during 25-28 October. 1.122 company worldwide has been attended as exhibitors.

Exports of PET packaging from Sivas to 30 countries

Founded in Sivas 6 years ago, Birpet Packaging sells its plastic pet packaging to 30 countries.

Transparent PET Jar With UV Barrier Extends Shelf Life

First in Turkey; Transparent PET production with UV barrier, which protects the products from sunlight and increases the shelf life of the products.

It is known brands abroad by UV filtering used PET bottle production and JR featuring the happiness of the offering for general use PET producer in Turkey for the first time. We achieved success as a result of our R & D activities that lasted for approximately 6 months.

Pagev Başkanı Eroğlu: Pet Bottlesde Bpa Yok

It is important to be clear on the difference between PET bottles and BPA containers. Consumers can get confused on the types of bottles that you use for your food or beverage products.

"The safety of PET bottles and food containers has been repeatedly demonstrated under all sorts of conditions through 30 years of testing and approval by virtually every health-safety agency in the world”

There is no connection between PET plastic and Bis-phenol A. Bis-phenol A is not used in the production of PET material, nor is it used as a chemical building block for any of the materials used in the manufacture of PET.

Spain’s Repsol’s net profit soars in Q2

According to a release on the company’s website, Spain’s Repsol announced its financial results for the second quarter. The company’s Q2 net profit rose significantly by 79% to €367 million ($429 million) from €205 million ($240 million) in the same quarter of last year. The company’s net income on CSS basis (Average recurring net profit adjusted for one-off gains and inventory effects) was also up by 44% to €409 million ($580 million) on the back of increasing production in Libya and Brazil, rebound in oil prices as well as weaker financial expenses.

Service Exporter To Green Passport

Green passport will be given to the representatives of the service exporting company whose annual average export is over $ 1 million as of the last 3 calendar years.

The Circular on the Application Procedures and Principles for the Export of Services within the scope of the Decision of the Council of Ministers dated 22.03.2017 and numbered 2017/9962 on Esas Principles Regarding the Issue of Stamped Passports for Exporters gir entered into force with the approval of the Ministry Authority dated 03.04.2017;

Turkey’s 2016 polymer imports steady; record highs for PP, PE and ABS

Turkey’s overall polymer imports in 2016 were mostly steady from the record of 2015 at more than 4.4 million tons. Some polymers including homo PP, PE and ABS raised their market sizes and hit a record high in 2016 while PVC, PS and EPS imports contracted on the year, offsetting the gains in other polymers.

PET players report improved demand in Mediterranean markets

In several Mediterranean markets, namely Europe, Turkey and Egypt, PET players have started to report improved demand ahead of the approaching summer months which is high season for PET applications.

In Europe, players have started to receive April PET offers with decreases of €30-40/ton from March given lower feedstock prices while currently players are evaluating the sustainability of a recent recovery in crude oil markets and the possible effects of these gains on the downstream PET markets. The current trend in the region is indicating the first price falls since mid October, according to weekly average levels on ChemOrbis Price Wizard.

Players report ample HDPE supplies in global markets

PE markets have been on a weak trend in global markets including Southeast Asia and Turkey since late February while Europe has turned down only recently with sellers having to trim their initial hikes given the slowing demand ahead of Easter Holidays in April. What is common in these major markets is that players are reporting ample supplies for HDPE grades and this exerts a more visible downward pressure on this product when compared to other PE grades.

Yavuz Eroğlu is once more President of PAGEV with unanimous vote

The Turkish Plastics Industry Foundation (PAGEV), the umbrella organization of the plastics industry as a key driver of growth in the Turkish economy, chose Yavuz Eroğlu as its president once again during the 2016 General Assembly. Eroğlu said, “We are stronger together. We will continue to spur growth in the industry with projects that address real problems."

Plastic Packaging consumed 70 percent in Turkey

Plastic packaging, which ranked first with a 40 percent share in the plastics industry, continued to rise in 2016 as well. According to PAGEV's report, in 2016, plastic packaging increased by 6 percent to 3.6 million tons and amounted to 11.9 billion dollars with an increase of 3 percent. With this amount of plastic production continued leadership by taking 70 percent share of the total packaging production in Turkey. The amount of production Turkey, the world had its share of 2.6 percent.

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