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Company Background


Birpet has been founded by 3rd generation members from a family company that has been in trading since 1930’s. The acquisition and professional experience which is originated from trade tradition that came along with generations are fundaments of Birpet. Just after foundation on 2011; Birpet became a nation wide known company on its own sector, alongside other brands of the establishment.

Product Groups

Mainstream products are PET Preforms, Jars, Caps & Lids and other supporting components such as aliminum foil seal. All of the products which we manufacture are mainly for food and beverage industry, has been producing according to regulations as first class PET in our factory that has all required certi cation for manufacturing food and food related packaging products. Furthermore, PET products are vastly prefered on chemical and pharmaceutical products.



As of today our main production facility (factory) is located on Organized Industrial Zone of Sivas, Turkey. Our factory has been built on a 18500m2 eld and it meets our strong and producing needs.

Our Istanbul headquarters we manage all marketing operations. Thanks to our strong and powerful stock management; we easily can create solutions for your orders in a fastest way. In order to increase our production capacity, we are going to launch our new production facility soon in Bursa which is been currently building.

Facts & Figures

Production Concept
Our products are been producing accordingly ISO 9001 and ISO 2000 quality standards. In addition to that; all of our products has been quali ed and entitled as “eligible for food packaging” by Republic of turkey Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock. We never use recycled staple on our products.


Certification & Operation

All our products are being delivered with analysis reports. For each customer products are being to sent for chemical and physical analysis. All product that leaves production line are headed automatically for quality control check. Quality control automation machines applies pressure stress tests and impermeability test for each product. This is an essential step for all our products. The product that fails on tests; automatically being disembarked from the line. Furthermore; we apply hourly extensive quality test on products that randomly chosen from a batch. And this practice only being done by BIRPET in Turkey.


Results of R&D investments provides us such eagerness to bring new standards to food packaging industry. New developments on technology enables us to create new ideas, new ideas leads us to new opportunities.

Our strongest features; Planing, Production Techniques and Pricing advantages enables us to bring best solutions for our customers and partners.

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